Our Network

We operate our own Network under AS136620.

Our Network

London, United Kingdom

We are located in Telehouse North 2 DC in London. Our premium network blend currently consists of Telia, Level 3, GTT, NTT & Cogent. We are also peered with large numbers of ISP and Content Providers on LINX LON1 & LON2. Looking Glass

Fremont, USA

Located in Hurricane Electric's Fremont 2 datacenter, with Transit from both Level 3 and Hurricane Electric, and peering at SFMIX. our Los Angeles network provides the best latency to Asia from the USA. Looking Glass

Amsterdam, NL

Based in Equinix Amsterdam Schepenbergweg (AM5) with transit from NTT, Cogent, GTT & hundreds of peers over AMS-IX. Our Amsterdam location provides excellent latency & performance for Europe.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned!

We are constantly expanding into new locations. If you have any suggestions for new locations, send us an email!