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Some of our features

NVMe Storage

Included with all instances

Tired of mechanical drives? All instances are placed on NVMe storage.


Included with every instance

Always online & never let another attack bring you down.

Hourly Billing

Built into our control panel

You only get charged for what you use. Instances are charged by the hour.

BGP Sessions

Included with all instances

Have your own ASN or IP Prefix? No worries, you can bring them here.

Daily Backups

Included with all instances

Backups for instances are taken daily into our dedicated backup storages.

Bonsai Panel

Deploy & Manage

Bonsai is our intuitive in-house control panel used by every instance deployed with us.

99.9% SLA

Included with all instances

No one likes being down. Our infrastructure are designed to keep you always online.

24/7 Support

Included with every instance

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us -- we'll try our best to help!

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